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Homeowners often put a lot of care into cleaning their floors and furniture but it is very easy to overlook window coverings. Yet, window coverings can attract large amounts of dust and debris. Each time they are opened or closed, they can send allergens flying into the room, triggering health problems. The accumulated debris also impairs the aesthetics of your window coverings and can make the entire room look bleak. Steamway Carpet Cleaning Boulder can help with our professional drape and curtain cleaning services.

Our Services Include:
• Drape and curtain cleaning
• Shade, shutter, blind and other window coverings
• Virtually all materials including silk, velvet, chintz, lace, blends, sheer fabrics and embroidered fabrics

Our Drape and Curtain Cleaning Methods
In most cases, we are able to clean your drapes and window coverings at your home, so there is no need to remove them and go days with bare windows. Our technicians first inspect the drapery and note any possible issues, such as damaged areas or stains. If stains are present, the drapes may be pre-treated with a cleaning solution which is carefully chosen based on the type of material.

We generally use steam cleaning with professional-grade machines that can be adjusted to clean even delicate materials. Steam is able to break down dirt and debris which has become embedded in the drapery. The machine then sucks out the dirty water, leaving your drapes looking fresh and new. Once we are satisfied that the drapes are as clean as possible, our technicians will brush them to restore the pile. Steam cleaning can also be used on shutters and blinds.

In some special cases, we may need to remove your drapery for cleaning at our facilities. If this is the case, we aim to make the process as easy as possible for you. We offer free drapery takedown and re-hanging, and free delivery at a time which is convenient to you.

Benefits of Professional Drapery Cleaning
Because window coverings take up so much surface area in our homes, having them professionally cleaned can drastically improve the appearance of your home. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, professional drapery cleaning can improve the air quality inside your home. Proper cleaning also means that your drapes can last longer.

Contact us today for a free estimate and to schedule professional drapery cleaning services. We look forward to serving you!
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