Marble Floors

Natural stone floors are incredibly beautiful, can last for years with proper care, and add value to your home. However, they are notoriously difficult to clean. Because natural stone, including marble, terrazzo, granite, travertine, and limestone, are porous, they will quickly absorb dirt and debris, losing their luster and beauty. With professional stone floor cleaning services from Steamway Carpet Cleaning Boulder, your floors can be restored to their former beauty!

Our Marble and Stone Floor Cleaning Services
When it comes to stone floors, you will want to be certain you are hiring an expert. The wrong choice of equipment, cleaners, or sealants can damage the integrity of your stone floor and may cause irreversible damage. At Steamway Carpet Cleaning Boulder, we are proud to say that our technicians are true experts. They are trained to identify the various types of natural stone, types of sealants, and also finishes (honed, tumbled, brushed, polished, etc.).

These are just some of the ways we can help with our marble and stone floor cleaning services:
• We clean marble, granite, terrazzo, travertine, limestone, and other types of natural stone
• Backsplash and countertop cleaning
• Stone fireplace cleaning
• Natural stone sealant
• Flexible appointment times
• Affordable rates

What to Expect
We take marble floor cleaning seriously. Our technicians will first assess your floor, taking into consideration factors like the type of stone, sealant, finish, and any problem areas like stains. We use only pH neutral cleaners which are safe for stone floors.

Using truck-mounted rotary scrubbing machines, we are able to suction dirt out from deep within the pores of your stone floor. The finish is restored so your marble floor looks like it did when it was first installed. We can also apply a new sealant on your floor to help protect it from dirt and extend its life.

The time it takes to clean a marble floor varies depending on the size of the floor, the type, and the amount of crevices. Generally, the process takes about 2 hours and you will be able to walk on your floor again after 5-6 hours.

Want to find out more about our marble floor cleaning services? Contact us today. We look forward to answering all of your questions and providing you with a free estimate.
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