Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Pet stains on carpets, rugs, and upholstery often need professional attention. If not treated quickly and correctly, the pet urine, feces, or vomit can quickly destroy the bond between the fibers and dye. This results in a discolored stain area which may be impossible to treat. Since pet urine acids are so difficult to remove, you can also end up with a horrendous odor which permeates your entire home. Don’t let a small accident turn into a smelly permanent nightmare. Call Carpet Cleaning Pro Boulder to remove those pet stains.

Pet Stain First Aid
If you notice a pet stain before it dries, then there are some important first aid steps you should take. In the case of vomit or feces, start by scraping up as much of the matter as you can. It is best to use a spoon or other rounded instrument as this will prevent the fibers from tearing. Then you will want to use a white towel or paper towels to blot the area to remove fluids. It is important that the towels be white. Dyes from colored towels can interact with the acids in the pet stain and worsen the problem.

Resist the instinct to pour water or cleaning agents on the pet stain. The acids in pet stains cannot be dissolved by water or typical household cleaners. This will only cause them to sink further into the carpet or furniture. In the case of pet stains on carpets, pouring liquids on the stain could cause it to seep into the subfloor where it is virtually impossible to extract with DIY methods.

After basic first aid, we recommend that you call for professional pet stain removal services immediately to prevent permanent damage to your carpet. If you wait too long, the acids in the stain can interact with the dyes and cause them to lose their bond. That yellow stain you see from pet stains is actually not from urine; it is because the dyes have dissolved off of the fibers.

What to Expect
We understand that timing is crucial for treating pet stains before damage occurs. We will dispatch our Boulder pet stain cleaning team to your home asap to extract the stain. When you call, we do ask that you be forthright. Tell us about what attempts you made to clean the pet stain yourself, including any products you may have used on the stain. Our technicians need to know this information so they can select the right cleaning materials for the stain.

Carpet Cleaning Pro Boulder prides itself on being thorough and treating each case on an individual basis. Our expert pet stain removal technicians will determine which method to use based on numerous factors, including:

• Type of pet stain (cat/dog, male/female, urine/vomit, etc.)
• Age of pet stain
• Type of rug/carpet/upholstery (fiber type, weave type, etc.)
• Depth of the stain

For stains which have sunk into the carpet padding or subfloor, we may need to remove the carpet. Our experts can remedy the problem by replacing pieces of the affected carpet padding, applying odor barriers, and cleaning subfloors. We use air movers to dry the carpet so our technicians can immediately put the carpet back down after replacing the carpet padding and cleaning the subfloor.

Our Pros Get Results!
With fresh pet stains, we can almost always get out all traces of the offending matter before it has time to cause permanent damage to your carpet, rug, or furniture. With older stains, we can promise to eliminate all odors and get rid of any bacteria, mold, and remnants of the pet fluids. However, we cannot repair irreversible damage caused by pet stains, such as discoloration. This is why we recommend calling for pet stain removal services as soon as possible.

No matter what your pet stain crisis is, you can count on us at Carpet Cleaning Pro Boulder to help. Our technicians are experts at what they do, have a vast understanding of fibers and stain types, and are equipped with top-of-the-line equipment. We are so sure of our abilities that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call today for your free estimate.

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