Wood Floors

Wood floors add beauty and value to your home. However, they also must be properly cared for and cleaned if they are going to last. With professional wood floor cleaning services from Steamway Carpet Cleaning Boulder, your wood floor can last longer while looking its best.

Why Have Your Wood Floor Professionally Cleaned?
Sweeping and mopping are essential for keeping your wood floor in good condition. However, these methods will only take you so far. Dirt and debris will inevitably get ground into the floor, embedding in the grain or sticking in the coating. Only professional floor cleaning can remove this dirt so your wood floor looks its best. Professional cleaning will also help protect your wood floor from scuffs and scratches.

We at Steamway Carpet Cleaning Boulder only use non-toxic, alkaline cleaners which are specially formulated for wood floors. They will not leave any oily residues or harm your floor’s finish as many generic cleaning products will.

What to Expect
Our technicians will arrive at a time convenient to you. They will first assess your wood floor, noting factors like the type of wood, its condition, potential problem areas, and the type of coating. Based on this information, they will choose the best cleaning solution.

We only use professional cleaning methods which are safe for wood floors. Our rotary scrubbers are able to suction dirt and debris deep out of wood floors and return them to their former beauty. After cleaning with the rotary tool, our technicians go the extra mile by getting down on their hands and knees to clean all nooks and crannies, making sure every inch of your wood floor is shining and clean.

If necessary, our experts can also apply a new protective coating to your wood floor. The coating will give your floor a beautiful shine, prevent dirt from getting absorbed into the grain, and can extend the life of the floor as well.

It generally takes about 2 hours to completely clean a wood floor. If a finish is applied, it will take about 5 to 6 hours to dry. We do not offer waxing as a service as this is not recommended for wood floors.

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